António Paciência


As an artist I identify myself as a being free and open to experimentalism... My body is made of word, truth and poetry inherited from my ancestors.


Director of the Kassemba Cultural Center – Terra Preta

Mentor of the social-artistic project Kassemba Slam

Co-mentor of the social project Play Kuduro

Mentor of the photographic, documentary and audio-visual project A Caixa Black Oscar Ribas

Participant in the short film Introspecção Ancestral da Rede 15+2

Researcher in the investigative project Study of Neighborhoods Luanda Historical

Mentor of the social artistic project Meu Gueto, Minha Bandula

Mentor of the artistic project O Zungueiro Muzumbeiro

Co-founder of Spoken Word Muhatu's artistic project

Researcher at the NGO Rede Mulher Angola


Art & Culture

My work is closely linked to the emancipation and proliferation of peripheral consciousness...Joining ourselves with this family, we intend to connect the best of my country's artistic and cultural perspectives, building yet another narrative for the world...



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